Amazon Prime Day Sale: $100 off the best-selling Oral-B electric toothbrush on Amazon

Electric toothbrushes, especially good toothbrushes, are not cheap—but for good reason. Many top rotating electric toothbrush brands are at the forefront of technology and adopt innovative methods to extend oral health. Oral-B Genius X Limited is no exception. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize how you brush your teeth and guide you to a healthier and more sustainable tooth brushing. As if this is not great enough, the entire package is currently available at a 50% discount on Amazon Prime Membership Day.
Most dentists will tell you that using a rotating electric toothbrush every day is the key to maintaining oral health. Specifically, like many oscillating models of Oral-B-with a rounder brush head and capable of rotating 2,500 to 7,500 brushes per minute-is ideal. Combine many dentist recommendations with Genius X Limited’s artificial intelligence-driven toothbrush guidance, and you can clean your teeth every day.
Oral-B Genius X Limited comes with a suitcase that is easy to pack, and can connect to the brand’s application via Bluetooth, where you can track and intuitively understand your brush patterns. Due to the importance of oral hygiene and its relevance to the long-term health of almost all other internal parts of the body, it is important to invest in a quality toothbrush. Fortunately, there are still 14 hours before the Amazon Prime membership day, and Prime members can still save 50% on this model recommended by the dentist.
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Post time: Jun-23-2021